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Articles In This Issue...

CFPB Provides Worksheet to Justify Ability to

Subscribers can download this worksheet to give to clients and borrowers, and can also be included in your underwriting files. It may be enough to help defend the loan approval decision when there is a question regarding “Ability to Repay.”

- By Karen Deis
The latest FB poll—What advice would you give a new loan officer?

You may want to read the responses—even though you may have been in the business for many, many years. Its great advice from some of the top LO’s in the mortgage business today.

- By Karen Deis

  Is Office Politics Hurting Your Business?

Office politics will not only drag you down – it will also take away from what you need to do to make money in the mortgage business! Read the six ways to avoid being one of “those” people who make it difficult for everyone to do their job effectively!

- By Karen Deis
Four New Client Articles

Subscribers will find four new client articles in this issue. You can use this ghost-written content in many different ways. Email, printed newsletter, video scripts, blog posts and social media posts.

- By Karen Deis

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    Client Newsletter - Oct./Nov. 2014