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Articles In This Issue...
  Closing Gifts That Keep on Giving
Most of the time, a gift at closing is “one and done”. Here is a list of 3 closing gifts that keep on giving! - By Karen Deis
Out of Ideas for Lunch & Learns?

Read the list of 19 classes that other Loan Originators have put on, that will help you create new content.

- By Karen Deis

  Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

Take the quiz prepared by a psychology professor.

- By Karen Deis
Done-4-You Realtor Article/Newsletter - May/June 2017

Subscribers will find 3 new articles in this Realtor® newsletter. 1) Creative Ways to Get an Offer Accepted When There Are Plenty of Buyers but No Homes for Sale 2) Don’t Give Up on Internet Leads 3) Why There Is a Shortage of Real Estate Appraisers

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - March/April 2017

Realtor® Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2017

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    Open House Strategies That Have Worked For Me
    Realtor® Articles/Newsletter - May/June 2017