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Articles In This Issue...

Karen Deis
8 Unique Ideas on Becoming Your Own Brand

Read the branding examples by loan officers who have been hugely successful in getting people to remember their name, and view photo examples of their branding strategies.

- By Karen Deis
How to Explain “Net-Effective Payments/Interest Rate” to Consumers and Real Estate Agents

Do you know what net-effective payments mean? Read this article on a script you can use when someone asks you, “What are your interest rates?” and download the latest net-effective payment/interest rate chart!

- By Karen Deis

Tammy Butler
Why Loan Officers Need to Be Vigilant About Pricing Exceptions!

Thanks to a little rule (or should I say “massive rule”) called the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who now oversees this regulation, pricing exceptions are a hot topic in every mortgage company. Read the 5 “best practices” when dealing with pricing exceptions.

- By Tammy Butler
Client Articles – April/May 2017

Subscribers will find 4 new articles. Copy and paste. Email. Post on Facebook. LinkedIn. Snail mail. Use as a video script.

- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - February/March 2017

Client Newsletter - December 2016/January 2017

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