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Articles In This Issue...

Getting Business by Explaining “Net-Effective Interest Rates”

A “Net-Effective Interest Rate” chart is a great tool to use not only to set yourself up as the mortgage expert in your area, but to work with accountants who can show your clients how to complete a new W-4 form to realize the tax savings immediately. Subscribers can download the charts and read 9 ways to use the charts with prospects and real estate agents.

- By Karen Deis
Should you buy leads?

Maybe — maybe not! Read this article on what you should consider before buying leads, and print the “Prospect Conversion Checklist” with the steps to take to convert leads into closed loans.

- By Karen Deis
  How Simple Words Can Make You Memorable!

People can have either a good memory of you—or a bad one. Read this article with 9 simple statements that will make you memorable in the eyes of your clients and real estate agents.

- By Karen Deis
Client Done-4-U Articles

Here are three articles with great information to share with your past clients, family and friends.

  • What a Good Listing Agent Will Do for You When You Decide to Sell Your Home
  • Five Things to Never Put on a Debit Card
  • Things You Should NEVER Post on Facebook/Social Media
- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015

Client Newsletter - Oct/Nov 2014

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