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Articles In This Issue...
  The NAR Answers Realtors ® Questions about RESPA Violations

Here’s an FAQ for the National Association of Realtors in regards to Section 8 Kickbacks and what is legal and what is not. We are reprinting here so you can share with your real estate agents. Available for everyone to read.

- By Karen Deis
Do you know the updated CFPB rules for dropping Private Mortgage Insurance?

We’ve translated it into plain language so you can explain it to prospects and past clients.

- By Lloyd Rutherford
  Realtor® Marketing Articles

If you are looking for pre-written articles that are different, unique and not being sent out by every other LO out there, we’ve got some great articles for you. Here’s what you will find in this issue:

    • 25 Tips to Prepare Your Sellers for a Home Inspection
    • What You Should Never Say in MLS Listing Descriptions
    • 10 Ways to Use Your Testimonials
    • Planning a Trip? What You Should Include When Packing Your Bags
    - By Karen Deis
Would you like to know how super-successful business people deal with stress?

Read the quotes from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and many more on how they cope when stressed out.

- By Karen Deis
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    Realtor Photo Shoot Marketing Strategy
    25 Facebook Posting Ideas for Loan Originators
    Which of the Six Types of Loan Officers Are You?
    Client Newsletter - Aug/Sept 2015