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Articles In This Issue...

Have you ever thought about writing a mortgage info book

Being an “author” comes with a certain amount of respect. It’s like your business card — only with more credibility because you are the author. You never know where the books will end up. People don’t throw books away. They have a long shelf-life. Read this interview with Steve Rockefeller on how just one referral from giving the book to a real estate agent paid for itself.

- By Karen Deis interviews Steve Rockefeller
Is Your Telephone Voice Message Boring?

Is Your Telephone Voice Message Boring? Make it unique by using one of these five scripts…of better yet, change your voice message recording every month or so! Oh, and if you are looking for sample scripts already written for you, here’s a link to the e-Book! - By Karen Deis


Negotiating an Employment Contract

Read the list of 18 issues that other loan officers have run into when reviewing employment contracts. Then take a look at your own employment contract to determine if you would renegotiate it!

- By Karen Deis
Realtor® Done-4-You Articles - July/August 2015

New articles ghost-written for you to share with your real estate agent partners: 1) Is Your Clients' Real Estate Data Secure? 2) What You Need to Know about the NAR Realtor Safety Report 3) Sample Headlines to Ensure Your Emails get Read! - By Karen Deis

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