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Articles In This Issue...
  It’s time to review when you need to display your NMLS number.

The S.A.F.E. Act was passed in 2008, and in 2011 it was transferred to CFPB for them to monitor. However, there are still a number of mortgage companies and LO’s who are not displaying it properly. Read this article as a reminder of what needs to appear, and where — because the CFPB “big brother” is watching you!

- By Karen Deis
Do you survey the listing agent after each purchase transaction?

If you don’t, you may be missing a huge opportunity to get them to refer their buyers to you. (After all, their sellers usually become buyers again.) Subscribers can download the listing agent survey, and also a list of interview questions to ask them if they agree to meet with you.

- By Karen Deis

  Who Will Manage Your Facebook Pages if You Should Die?

I know that this might be a morbid topic to talk about, but if anything should happen to you, what will happen to your Facebook page? Read this article with the two options that you can choose. Share this info with family, friends, real estate agents and your clients!

- By Karen Deis
Done-4-You Realtor Article/Newsletter - May/June 2016

Subscribers will find 3 new articles in this Realtor® newsletter. I suggest that YOU take the Business Card Quiz yourself and see if your business card could use some updates!

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - March/April 2016

Realtor® Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2016

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