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Articles In This Issue...

Are you in an area with a low to nonexistent listing inventory?

Read this article with 3 ways to generate listings for your real estate agents and find homes for your pre-approved buyers!

- By Karen Deis
What is the Most Unusual Mortgage Questions That Anyone Has Asked You?

I took a Facebook poll recently … asking this question … “What is the most unusual mortgage question that anyone has asked you.” So, I wanted to share 45 of them with you—which I am sure your can relate to—and laugh your guts out.

- By Karen Deis

Realtor Done4U Articles – May

Subscribers will find 3 new articles in this Realtor® newsletter. 1) Are You Telling a Story When You List a Home for Sale? 2) Are Your Homebuyers Being Videotaped? 3) Have you Read the NAR Survey of Homebuyers/Sellers?

- By Karen Deis
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    9 Different Ways to Market One Piece of Content
    How to Stand Out as a Mortgage Expert on Social Media: Do’s & Don’ts
    My Thoughts about Real Estate Companies Who Own Mortgage Companies: Keller Mortgage