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Articles In This Issue...

Do you have trouble making big decisions

If you find yourself stuck, or doubting yourself, think about replacing “risk-averse” statements with “risk-positive” statements instead. This article can help you decide your next marketing strategy, the next major investment you are contemplating, or a company or job change.

- By Karen Deis
Your Testimonials on Steroids.

This article is about how to use testimonials so people actually READ them. Read 4 tips on how to structure them to make sure they have a huge impact and also give people a reason to do business with you!

- By Karen Deis

  Is FHFA Crossing the Right to Privacy Line?

The FHFA has approval from Congress to get even MORE information to include in their National Database Project. You’ll find a link to a previous article about a 100-question consumer survey. Also read the list of personal information that they officially asked for in the Federal Register.

- By Karen Deis
Three New Realtor Marketing Articles

Here are the new articles to email, print or use as blog content. They have been ghost-written for you — simply copy and paste and use them to market to real estate agents.

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - July/August 2014

Realtor® Newsletter - May/June 2014

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