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Articles In This Issue...

Cover Letter Example for HUD 1 Statements:

A marketing strategy to keep in touch with borrowers is to send them their HUD 1 Statement on January 2nd of every year. Use this cover letter, which allows you to not only refer a CPA or tax accountant, but also ask for referrals.

- By Karen Deis
How to Get Credit Scores for No-Credit Clients

A recent study found that roughly 40 million American consumers either lack any credit history, or lack sufficient credit history to take advantage of today’s historically low mortgage rates. The question is, “How do we fix this issue?” Read Doc Compton’s article on how the mortgage industry can help clients establish credit!

- By Doc Compton


What’s up with the CFPB and Marketing Service Agreements?

If you are tuned into the news surrounding MSA, then you likely know that the CFPB is taking a different view on MSAs. The litigation, fines, and jail time (yes, jail time) are ramping up for originators, title companies, real estate agents and builders. Read this article to see if your MSA passes the compliance test!

- By Tammy Butler
Realtor® Done-4-You Articles - May/June 2015

The 3 articles subscribers can use to keep their real estate agents informed are: 1) What's Your Advice to Home Buyers After Closing 2) 5 Reasons to Create a Community Website Page 3) Are You a Clutter Bug?

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - March/April 2015

Realtor® Newsletter - Jan./Feb. 2015

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    Realtor® Articles - May/June 2015