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Articles In This Issue...
  How to Reconnect with Past Clients and Realtors Using the Annual Real Estate Review Strategy.

This is not only one of the methods to keep in touch with your past clients, but a way to connect (or re-connect) with real estate agents. What is the Annual Real Estate Review™ System? It’s a formal review of the value of your client’s real estate. Read the step-by-step implementation system, and subscribers can download the cover letter.

- By Karen Deis
Are People Always Giving You Advice That You Can’t Use?

You don’t have to take anyone’s advice if you don’t want to! I’ve decided that there are basically 3 levels of advice that can help you determine the difference between good and bad advice and the “good intentions” of friends and family.

- By Karen Deis


Keeping Up to Date With CFPB Changes & Fair Lending

The Office of Fair Lending was stripped of its enforcement powers, and this enforcement power moved to another division which is “Supervision and Enforcement,” now called “Supervision and Enforcement & Fair Lending. Mulvaney’s theory is that now all enforcement action is under one division versus separate enforcement action that was previously allowed just for the Fair Lending division. Read how it affects you and your clients.

- By Tammy Butler
Realtor Done4U Articles – February/March

Subscribers will find 3 new articles in this Realtor® newsletter. 1) List of Recommended Business Books for Real Estate Agents 2) Instead of an Open House, Why Not Hold an Event? 3) Giving Your Buyers a Neighborhood Experience

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - December 2017/January 2018

Realtor® Newsletter - September/October

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