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Articles In This Issue...

Karen Deis
Have you heard about the “Collaborative Divorce Attorney” niche?

It’s a niche within a niche that many loan officers are getting involved with these days. Read the interview with a loan officer who gets 40% of her business from attorney referrals, and what special training is involved to become an expert in this lucrative niche.

- By Karen Deis
Free Report for Renters has been updated

If you are marketing to apartment complexes, or are looking for a renter’s free report to post on your website or blog, subscribers can now download the latest version of this free report. It’s shorter than the previous version (only 4 pages) but contains the most current info for today’s home buyers.

- By Karen Deis

Client Email Newsletter Content to Use - April/May 2014

You’ll find 3 new articles in this issue. The first one advises your clients how to opt out of pre-screened offers of credit—which also helps eliminate your clients from getting letters from other mortgage companies. The second one is a link to a website that interprets credit report reason codes (you might want to use this link yourself), and the third gives you a great reason to refer real estate agents to your clients.

  • How to Get Rid of “You Are Pre-Approved” Junk Mail Using Pre-Screened Opt-Out!
  • How to Read the Confusing Credit Score Codes
  • 11 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Are Thinking of Selling “For-Sale-By-Owner.”
- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - Feb/March 2014

Client Newsletter - Dec 2013/Jan 2014

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