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Articles In This Issue...

Karen Deis
Out-of-Office Auto-Responder Mistakes

Recently, I decided to read some of the “out-of-office” auto-responders that I receive from loan officers every day. This article shares the good—and not so good—ones with my comments on how to compose an “out-of-office” reply that is truly meaningful to those who read them.

- By Karen Deis
5 Factors to Consider for a Successful Drip Campaign

Drip marketing should not be confused with SPAM! Drip marketing is a system that is designed to send relevant and interactive content that informs your clients and associates based on where they are in the sales process. Read the 5 factors — regardless if you are planning a new campaign or already have one in progress. [Complimentary Article for Everyone to Read!]

- By Donna Quisenberry

7 Tips for Building Your Database from Scratch

Top 5 Habits To Get More Business from Your Database!

Donna Quisenberry
  Who Should Be On Your E-Mail/Mailing Lists?

If you have a database for past clients, family, friends and real estate agents, you are waaaaay ahead of most loan originators. However, have you thought about other professional people who also might benefit from your email tips, blogs an social media posts? Here’s a list of 15 other professions to consider.

- By Karen Deis
Realtor® Done-4-You Articles - March/April 2015

The 3 articles subscribers can use to keep their real estate agents informed are: 1) Getting Your Seller Prepared for the Appraisal. 2) How Photos Can Increase Your Referrals. 3) Buyers Are Not Liars—they just don’t know what to ask!

- By Karen Deis

Realtor® Newsletter - Jan./Feb. 2015

Realtor® Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2014

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