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Articles In This Issue...

How do you answer the common questions that clients ask you?

The best way to answer common consumer questions — is by asking another question. Read the list of the 14 most-asked questions and the question you might ask them in return. Remember, you need to get to the heart of their issues and objections and you can’t do that without probing and asking more questions.

- By Karen Deis
How about adding a little humor to your marketing?

Read this article by a loan originator who shares 6 of his humorous marketing messages, that he has shared with his client database. Great for your social media posts and email marketing. The whole goal is to get them to think of you when they hear the word “mortgage” and humor is an awesome way to get client s to remember you.

- By Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein

Updated Version - 21 Commandments of Buying a Home

A few years back, I published the “Ten Commandments of Buying a Home”. However, since that time, you've shared 11 more that should be added to the list. Subscribers can download a copy and/or email to real estate agents and clients.

- By Karen Deis
Client Email Newsletter Content to Use - April/May 2014

You’ll find 3 new articles in this issue. The first one advises your clients how to opt out of pre-screened offers of credit—which also helps eliminate your clients from getting letters from other mortgage companies. The second one is a link to a website that interprets credit report reason codes (you might want to use this link yourself), and the third gives you a great reason to refer real estate agents to your clients.

  • How to Get Rid of “You Are Pre-Approved” Junk Mail Using Pre-Screened Opt-Out!
  • How to Read the Confusing Credit Score Codes
  • 11 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Are Thinking of Selling “For-Sale-By-Owner.”
- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - Feb/March 2014

Articles In Previous Issue...
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    Client Newsletter - April/May 2014