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Articles In This Issue...

Are you working with real estate agents who list Fannie REO properties?
Well, from July 1 to October 6, 2014, Fannie is offering some decent mortgage incentives—but here’s the thing—while they mention it on their website, they do not tell you what the incentives are. Subscribers can download a marketing flyer, “Fannie HomePath™ - Incentives for Home Buyers,” and print and distribute (or copy, paste and email) to clients and real estate agents.

- By Karen Deis
Read 5 Scripts on How to Respond to Client/Realtor Objections

I’m sure there are a handful of objections that you hear on a weekly basis. So, we’ve created scripts on how to counter some of them. Subscribers can download a Word doc of all five scripts to edit and use in the following scenarios:

  • Pre-approved clients calling for interest rates because real estate agent encouraged them to use their in-house lender.
  • Client shopping for interest rates because your competitor tells them “shop around” and they will meet or beat any interest rate quoted.
  • On-hold telephone script while clients are on phone waiting to talk with you.
  • Website video script: Why Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage
  • When a real estate agent tells you that they have to refer clients to their in-house mortgage company.
- By Karen Deis

How the Japanese “Five S Method” can help you create systems!

This is the system that moved Japanese manufacturing from awful to awesome. In this article, we outline the five “S’s” and then go on to interpret what it could mean to you in taking your mortgage business to the next level.

- By Karen Deis
Done 4 You Client Articles – August/September

I can’t even begin to tell you how important it is for you to keep in touch with clients, family and friends so when they hear the word “mortgage,” they think of you. And it’s so easy because we have written the content for you.

Here are the articles you’ll find in this issue:

  • How to Correct Mortgage Servicing Issues
  • What You Need to Know About Product Recalls
  • How to Interview a Mover
- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - June/July 2014

Client Newsletter - April/May 2014

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