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Do You Stand Out From The Herd?

By Mike Baker (Mike Baker is CEO of The Mortgage Coach as well as a mortgage industry speaker and author. He has two published books, Mortgage Power and Loan Officer Recruiting. Purchase his books online at He can be reached at 800-499-2242 or email him at

A potential borrower asks, "Why should I do business with you?" A potential referral based client asks, "Why should I refer business to you?" What's your answer? Separating yourself from the average loan officer will make a huge difference in how they view you and it's the difference between you getting the business or not.

How are you different? What have you done to make yourself more authoritative, credible, and compelling than all those other lenders out there? When a borrower calls you shopping interest rates for a new loan, how are you different from the other calls that they made to other lenders?

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