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Advertising Opportunities with is an on-line publication dedicated to helping loan officers simplify the sales and marketing process by providing step-by-step ideas on a regular basis.

Why this type of advertising is beneficial to you!

The loan officers, who click thru to your advetorial page, will have "identified" themselves as "interested" in your product or service. Thatís why they clicked thru in the first place. Your ads become more "targeted" when you market back to them because we have identified these people to you.

As compared to traditional magazine and Internet advertising, you are paying for high advertising rates based upon the subscription base, not knowing for sure who is interested and how you are going to continue to market to them.

If you would like to purchase them, we will provide you with the email addresses of those who truly have indicated that they have an interest and you have a better chance of continued marketing and sales.

Hereís how it works:

1. Banner ads will be placed between published articles and we will attempt to strategically place the banner ad if your product relates to an article in the issue.

2. Subscribers will click-thru the banner ad and be able to read, and download a 1-page (letter sized) marketing and sales piece created by you; your advetorial. This piece should outline the benefits of your product, how it will help the loan officer make more money or save more time, and will be printable by the subscribers.

3. Click-thrus will be tracked by email address so we can capture who is interested in your product or service. We can capture those email addresses of individuals that are subscribers, but non-subscribers can be viewing your ads and contacting you on their own if you list your website (which will not be a click-thru) and phone number. We will track the number of click-thrus of both paid and non-paying subscribers.

4. You pay only for the email addresses of people who have clicked thru on your banner ad. This is target marketing at its best! You KNOW that these people are interested in your product or they would not have clicked thru in the first place.

What is an ADVE-TORIAL?

Itís an "ad" that allows you to "editorialize" about your product or service. Most traditional magazine and Internet ads do not provide the reader with enough information so they can decide whether or not to do business with you.

In addition to the banner that you create, you can provide one, letter-sized

(8 Ĺ" X 11") page to "sell" the loan officer on why they should do business with you and list the benefits youíd like to have portrayed. Best of all, the ad can be printed (by the loan officer) and if you wish, can include order forms or Internet sites for them to visit. The donít have to worry about ripping an ad out of a magazine, which does not usually give them enough information to want to do business with you in the first place.

Whatís your investment?

There is an advertising fee of $500 to post your advetorial and banner ad (animated ads are an additional charge) to the magazine site. This covers 30 days, or 2 issues of the magazine.

The cost to renew your ad, once the initial time period has expired, is $500.

If you would like to see any changes made to the original advetorial or banner ad that you initially submitted, you will be billed at $75/hr, and we will need credit card payment up front!

If you would like to place an animated ad with images, you will be billed at $150/hr, and we will need credit card payment up front!

After your initial investment, you will only pay to renew, make changes, and/or for the email addresses of those loan officers who have clicked thru to your ad. The purchase price of the emails is as follows:

0-250 unique email addresses = $2.00 each

0-500+ unique email addresses = $1.50 each

If the click-thrus exceed (the first tier) amount of 250 unique email addresses, the the email address fee will be reduced (retroactively) to allow you to pay less per lead.

For accounting purposes, the email fee is determined on a monthly basis Ė from the 5th of the month to the last day of the month of publication.

Your Banner Ad

You are responsible for creating your own "mainbar" banner ad and a smaller "sidebar" ad, and it must be within the size limits as listed below. The "mainbar" ads will be placed between articles, and the "sidebar" ad will be placed on the right-hand side of the website.

Size limitations for ads:

Mainbar Ad: Sidebar Ad:

Width: 350-375 pixels Width: 150 pixels

Height: 60-70 pixels Height: 100 pixels

Both ads should be sent as (.gif) documents, or image documents. You advetorial can be sent as a Word document.

If you would like to see any changes made to the original ad, you will be billed at $75/hr, and we will need credit card payment up front!

If you would like to place an animated ad with images, you will be billed at $150/hr.

Space Issues

Since we will have a limited amount of space for the on-line magazine, are going to limit the amount of ads to eight per issue. This way, your ad wonít get lost with hundreds of other ads (like you would with traditional magazine advertising) and youíll have a better chance of getting noticed.

We cannot guarantee placement of ads on the site. However, we will attempt to place your ad next to an article that may relate to your product or service.

We reserve the right to limit the amount of ads that are placed within a given time period and will work with you on ad publication dates and future issue that may be more beneficial to your marketing.

About the publication

The magazine is published exclusively on-line.

There is a subscription fee for the magazine.

The magazine is about step-by-step sales and marketing techniques for mortgage loan originators. We will not cover management, training, or any other articles not related to helping the loan officer save more time and make more money.

The articles will not just be concepts, but step-by-step ideas on how to implement them.

The magazine is published on the 5th and 20th of every month and one monthís issues are divided into two delivery dates. Articles are archived, which will allow loan officers to retrieve back articles.


Advertising fees and the purchase of email addresses can be paid either by credit card or check. The advertising free must be paid 30 days before the ad appears in the publication (for this purpose the publication dates will be the 5th or 20th of the month.

The purchase of the unique email addresses can be purchased at any time. You will receive an accounting of the number of unique email addresses (who have visited your advetorial). If you elect not to purchase the email addresses after the 30-day time period, we are under no obligation to sell them to you after that time period due to accounting and time constraints.

You have the option to purchase the email addresses any time, and if the click-thrus exceed 250 by the end of the month, your price per email will be adjusted at the end of the month.

Before the email addresses are released, payment must be made in full.


You have the right to cancel your ad up to 30 days before the publication dates. The advertising fee is non-refundable ($500) and you will have the right to purchase the email addresses of those who have clicked thru up until that date. This is subject to the 30-days after the publication date rule.

Marketing and Advertising Content

All advertising is subject to our standards, fairness and quality of content and good taste. We reserve the right to edit or reject content placed on the website. We reserve the right to cancel an ad if deemed inappropriate for posting on the website or not consistent with our content.

When your ad is placed on the website (for the initial time only) and you receive notification, you will have 5 days prior to publication, to review and edit its content and correct any publisher's errors.

Please contact: Karen Deis, Publisher
715-426-3647 office
715-426-3649 fax

327 Soo Line Road
Hudson, WI 54016

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