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How to Coach Realtors to Recommend You!

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

Has this happened to you?

    The real estate agent, who refers a ton of clients to you, called to let you know that they are working with a buyer who has already been pre-approved by another mortgage company. The real estate agent loves working with you and wants to know if there is a “script” that you would recommend-- so that they could ALSO refer you!

I know what you are saying to yourself — I wouldn’t want a real estate agent referring a client that I pre-approved, to another lender!

I get that!

But, let’s face it, even pre-approved prospects will continue to shop for the best deal, and are willing to start the process all over again—if it saves them money or time.

So, I asked this question on Facebook:

    What script does your real estate agent use when asking their clients to get a second opinion from you?

Here are three scripts that other loan officers have used successfully and have allowed me to share them with you.

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Written By: Karen Deis

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