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10 Reasons Why You Donít Get Referrals!

Written By: Victoria Fifield, Business Coach. For a complimentary, 1-hour strategy session, email

The following is a list of what I call "flawed expectations" that are sure to cause mortgage loan officers to flinch and shake their heads, either in agreement or full-blown denial.

My hope is that for those Mortgage Professionals who suddenly realize that they may be holding onto one or more of these flawed expectations, this article will serve as a welcome "aha" moment that will spur positive change and increased opportunities.

  1. When you expect to generate "X" number of leads each week but your focus and actions are not centered on sales-generating type endeavors every week.

  2. When you expect leads from new referral relationships after one meeting and a couple of follow-up calls.
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Written By: Victoria Fifield

Victoria Fifield

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