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Open House Strategies That Have Worked For Me

Written By: Cola Galvin, Renovation Home Specialist, Union Mortgage, Virginia

This isn’t a new idea, it’s not a lightning bolt idea, nor is it “rocket science,” but visiting an open house is a proven way to meet Realtors that you may not otherwise be able to meet.

So, where do you start?

First you will need to decide what you expect to get out of it…

  • Are you looking to establish a relationship with a particular Realtor?
  • Are you looking to meet as many Realtors as you can to determine if there are any opportunities to establish relationships?
  • Are you looking to support the agents you already do business with? Once you decide on the outcome you’d like to achieve, it will help you create an open house strategy.

Here are some open house strategies that I’ve done over the years that have worked for me –

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Written By: Cola Galvin

Cola Galvin

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