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Top 11 Loan Officer Magazine Articles for 2017

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How I Made $22,000 Selling Stuff on Craigslist – Karen Deis

    I am telling you this story because I want to illustrate how selling on Craig’s list is like some of the sales techniques you can use in your mortgage business.

19 Lunch & Learn Classes for Realtors – Karen Deis

    These ideas may help you if you are struggling to offer a new spin on classes that you have given in the past.

Open House Strategies that Have Worked for Me – Cola Galvin

    Here are some open house strategies that I’ve done over the years and have worked for me to generate leads.

18 Contract Issues to Watch Out for When Negotiating an Employment Contract – Karen Deis

    Even if you have an employment contract now, I suggest that you review it. If any of the 18 things are not covered or are unclear, you might want to get them clarified right now — before it’s too late!

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Referrals – Victoria Fifield

    Article for those Mortgage Professionals who suddenly realize that they may be holding onto one or more of these flawed expectations. This article will serve as a welcome "aha" moment that will spur positive change and increased opportunities.

Answering Clients’/Consumers’ Routine Mortgage Questions (Scripts) – Karen Deis

    Read 12 routine questions from rate shoppers, prospects and/or borrowers who already have their loan in process with you.

How to Coach Realtors to Recommend You – Karen Deis

    Here are three scripts that other loan officers have used successfully and have allowed me to share them with you.

Getting Famous in Your Corner of the Lending World with Branding Strategies – Karen Deis

    Read how OTHER loan officers have branded themselves, including photos and examples of how they get real estate agents and customers to remember them when anyone mentions the word “mortgage.”

How to Avoid Low VA Appraisals – Tracey Rumsey (

    If you originate VA loans, this article is a must read! VA appraisals can be challenging, so VA has issued a new process to assist you in getting these loans closed faster, so be sure to read the article.

Done4U Realtor Articles

  • How to Coach Home Buyers about the Mortgage Process
  • Why You Should Let the Neighbors Know When You List a Home for Sale
  • Do You Know How Much You Are Paid Per Hour?

What’s the Big Deal About Pricing Exceptions? – Tammy Butler (

    So why does your company make it so hard to get a pricing exception, and why can’t they just go back to the “good ole’ days” when the loan originator could make that decision?

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