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Annual Real Estate Review: How to Reconnect the Clients & Realtors

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

I have written about this strategy way back when, and thought it’s time to remind you that this is an awesome marketing idea you can implement right now, with the added bonus of getting your foot in the door with real estate agents.

It’s called the Annual Real Estate Review™ System...and since it’s trademarked, only subscribers of have permission to use the name.

Consider this not only one of the methods to keep in touch with your past clients, but a way to connect (or re-connect) with real estate agents. What is the Annual Real Estate Review™ System? It’s a formal review of the value of your client’s real estate. Here’s the system, and subscribers can download the cover letter further down in the article.

  1. Review your database or closed loan files. Identify the real estate agent who sold your client the home. If the deal was a refinance, determine which real estate agent would “match” your client’s personality and/or farm area.
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Written By: Karen Deis

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