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NAR Report – Home Buyers and Sellers Report – 2017

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

For almost 10 years now, we have been updating you on the National Association of Realtors’ Home Buyers and Homes Sellers Report to inform you as to what’s happening in the world of real estate.

You will also find a version of this report written for you to share with your real estate agents within the Done-4-You articles for April 5, 2018.

When you read this report, you will learn how buyers choose real estate agents. How they begin the process. Characteristics of home buyers and sellers. And mortgage financing trends.

By the way, take a look and the “working with Realtors” section. It’s a good opportunity to meet with them and increase the referral percentages.

Here are the statistics for 2017.

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Written By: Karen Deis

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