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What is the Most Unusual Mortgage Questions That Anyone Has Asked You?

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

I took a Facebook poll recently … asking this question, “What is the most unusual mortgage question that anyone has asked you.”

I want to share 45 answers with you, which I am sure your can relate to, and laugh your guts out.

  1. During a refinance application, the client asked me if the new garage door springs that he recently installed would increase the appraisal value?
  2. Borrower asked if he would install an “aluminum boiler system” in his home, if it would increase the value. (I’m thinking the aluminum would melt as soon as he turned it on.)
  3. My wife doesn’t know I pay child support. Can we leave that off the application?
  4. My first time working with a transgender borrower in the middle of the “transition” and then asked me how to answer the gender question. I told them to mark whatever gender they think they are.
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Written By: Karen Deis

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