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The Power of the Advertorial

Written By: Dan Poulos

By: Dan Poulos, President, Home Loan Funding, Florida. Home Loan Funding is a small mortgage brokerage firm with a superhero image achieved through the use of advertorials. In this article, subscribers can view a sample advertorial to use in their own business. For both subscribers and non-subscribers, purchase 17 advertorials for only $119. (Click here to purchase.) Feel free to email me with any questions."If any of the advertorials refer to products or services you do not currently have available please email Danny at and he will be glad to freely share his sources."

Just what is an advertorial?

Before I answer that question, I want to tell you that I have been using this type of marketing for the last several years and have seen my business double year after year, while maintaining a ratio of 45% purchase business and 55% refis. No other form of marketing or advertising that I have done in the past has generated as many leads, resulted in more closed loans or developed more powerful affinity relationships.

An advertorial is an “advertisement and an editorial” all rolled into one, neat package. It’s a method that allows you to provide a detailed explanation of a concept that would be difficult to cover in a standard display ad. Basically, it’s an ad that looks like a news article. It provides unique information, but more importantly plants questions and creates a genuine desire for more specifics. It differs from traditional advertising in that it generates a special kind of lead. Callers are not asking “What’s your rate today?” Instead they ask, “Can I meet with you today?”

An advertorial is a turbocharged image builder. It’s one of the highest forms of branding because of its ability to propel you as the “expert” in your mortgage lending area or niche market. When you develop the image of a professional mortgage planner, it enhances the effectiveness of every aspect of your marketing programs.

I think it’s important that you actually read one of my most successful advertorials and further in the article, I will explain their unending uses. They have taken me hundreds of hours to create—and as a special bonus to you, I am providing 17 of my best mortgage advertorials to you for only $99. (Click here to purchase.) Headlines of the advertorials I have written include:

  • Newly single? Dealing with the Debt Dilemma

  • Local Mortgage Company Fights Big Banks

  • Internet Mortgage or

  • Down Payment? —You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Down Payment

  • Loyalty Bought and Paid For

  • Hot Fannie Mortgage

  • No Closing Costs? —Don’t Believe It

  • The 1% Mortgage—Whoda Thunk it?

  • Being Positive About Negative Am. Mortgages

  • Real Life Mortgage Rip-Offs!

  • Extreme Mortgages

  • Buy a Home, Get a Check.

One of my most successful advertorials is called “Secrets of Credit Scoring Revealed”. Subscribe NOW, and view this report absolutley FREE!

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Written By: Dan Poulos

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