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Building a Working Data Base - Part One

Written By: Karen Deis, with contributing data from Cindy Douglas, President of the CD Consulting Group (email Cindy at and David Jaffe, Loan Originator, Chase Manhattan Mortgage, (email David at

We recently held a web cast ( with David Jaffe and Cindy Douglas on building an effective, working database that literally becomes your virtual assistant. You can purchase a CD Replay of this presentation NOW for only $99!

David Jaffe averages $200M per year in closed loans. The phenomenal part is, that based upon his database reports year after year, he knows that 14% of his past clients will refinance (regardless of the interest rate) or buy another home because his database has automatically kept in touch with them. An additional 22% of his business is referred to him by past clients and his affinity partners. The bottom line is that when January 1 rolls around each year, he can guarantee (with certainty) that regardless of what interest rates are doing, 36% of his business each year will come from these 2 sources. In other words - it's the ANNUITY he has built into his database and if he NEVER worked with another new client again, he would still originate $72 million per year.

This series of 3 articles (on how to build a working database) will "go deep" into some of the database screens David has created in ACT!, and why each screen and data field is important to the overall system. However, you don't need an ACT! System because you can create these fields in ANY database system you choose to use.

As a subscriber, (Sign-up NOW) you can view 3 REAL screens, all the fields he uses and a detailed explanation on how you can turn each field into a marketing opportunity.

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Written By: Karen Deis

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