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Business Card Contest Winner!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" and that's the basis we used to judge the business cards we received from all over the country, for our "Most Creative Business Card" contest.

The "First Impression" process occurs in every new situtation. Within the first few seconds, people pass judgement on you - looking for surface clues as to whether they like you - or not, or should they do business with you - or not! You may hardly have said a word, however once that immediate evaluation is over - the client has made the decision whether or not you are suitable for further interaction.

FACT: First Impressions are IRREVERSIBLE

Tim Davis, Signature Mortgage Team (Gateway Financial Group), Nashville, Tennessee, has been judged the winner based upon not only the card itself - but it's well-thought out marketing campaign based upon a "set" of business cards that would impress not only his clients, but real estate partners as well.

Tim has won a year's worth of online webcasts at, valued at over $1,5000 with sales and marketing webcasts as diverse as 1031 Exchanges to Apartment Complex Marketing to Tradeshows!

When Tim meets with clients or real estate agents, he not only gives out HIS card, but the cards of his loan officer assistant and processor. Clients get 3 business cards.

Here is side one of the business card that Tim hands to clients first (and it's not his contact information either...

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