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Mortgage Marketing MinderTM - January 2005

It's that time again to send out a Realtor Newsletter and this one is packed with sales and marketing ideas to help them get more business and in turn, refer clients to you!

The articles contained in this newsletter are sure to create a buzz around the real estate office. Subscribers can download this newsletter; include their contact information and picture, print and go. The titles and articles in this issue are:

Title: An Urban Legend - The Patron Saint of Home Selling
Read the story behind the St. Joseph Statue and its success in selling houses. For added impact, include a small statue with each newsletter you deliver. You can purchase at a religious store (they are very inexpensive).

Title: 10 Tips on How to Target High-End Real Estate Clients
Real estate agents dream of the day when they list and sell those million-dollar-plus homes. Give them some marketing hints on how to attract high-end, niche clients.

Title: What Consumers Want From a Website
The function of the Internet is to provide enough information to induce clients to WANT to do business with you. The mistake most agents make is giving "sketchy or incomplete" information about properties for sale. Share with them the 4 top tips from an Internet marketing guru.

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Written By: Karen Deis

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