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CONTEST: Do You Have A Humorous Mortgage Lending Story to Tell?

By: Karen Deis, Publisher

When I was in the mortgage business, I just could not wait to get into the office. The mortgage business (and your clients) are like "mini soap operas". You hear stories about divorce, marriage, children, bankruptcy and illness. They are true stories and are sooooo "out there" that no one could have made them up, right?

I remember some of the unusual names:

Rusty Nail, Elvis Presley Malone, Harry Bottom (and his wife Edgy)

I remember some of the credit explanation letters:

Filed bankruptcy because my five year-old daughter made me buy a hamburger stand and "we" (meaning the daughter and the client) had trouble running it because of lack of experience. (Duh?)


My friends pushed me off a cliff and I was unconscious for six months and forgot to make my payments (however, no hospital bills to prove it).

And then there is this one from a real estate agent:

"I know that the loan is not ready to close, but can we close tomorrow anyway because I am going on vacation?"

Don’t forget some of the answers you have gotten on the 1003!

Sex: Yes!

Ages of Children: 28 & 35!

Personal Property Value: $112.00

Because we should all find humor in what we do and because some of these stories are so good they just have to be shared, we are holding a contest for the best funny mortgage story, credit letter or humorous incident that you have experienced while in the lending business.

1st Place—One FREE Complete Consumer Direct Marketing Kit valued at $395.00. This kit includes Apartment Complex Marketing; FSBO marketing, Corporate Benefits Marketing, Affinity Marketing and How Free Report Marketing Can Work For You. (You can check out more information at It also includes FREE COACHING!

2nd place—One FREE Online seminar from This seminar is valued at $149.00. There are some great seminars scheduled so check it out!

CLICK HERE to submit your stories. We will compile all the stories received and publish them in a future issue of the magazine. The contest deadline is at midnight, March 1, 2003. You may enter as often as you like as long as you entry contains a different story each time. You do not have to be a subscriber to win. There are no cash values or substitutions of prizes or winners.

We look forward to hearing from you—and keep smiling!!

Copyright, 2003,

Written By: Karen Deis

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