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And the Winners of the Best USP/Tag Line Contest Are…

Thank you for submitting your Unique Selling Propositions/Tag Lines. We received 128 entries, and it was extremely difficult to choose just 5 winners. So, we have listed the judges’top 5 picks and the top 10 honorable-mention winners.

But, before we do that, consider looking outside the mortgage industry to develop your very own, unique selling propositions or tag lines. You can then develop your marketing campaigns and sales strategies around them.

There are currently 2 companies whose marketing and tag lines could easily transcend into a mortgage-business strategy.

The first example is Progressive Insurance! Their most recent billboard tag line is "Fat-Free Insurance Rates". What if it was changed to "Fat-Free Mortgage Rates"? You have yourself a tag line and a marketing campaign. I can see this working with flat-fee closing costs or zero-zero-zero mortgages (where you increase the interest rate to cover your origination fees and closing costs). And, really thinking outside the box, you could create variations of the programs calling them "Cholesterol-free Home Equity Loans" or "No Additives/No Preservatives Flat Fee Closing Costs".

The second concept relates to the recent commercials for GM Cars (all makes and models). The following is a sample of the GM ad from their website, but what’s really ties the campaign together is the music—it’s from the song "Paradise By the Dashboard Lights" by Meatloaf and the phase from the song is "Let Me Sleep On It".

Spend some quality time with a GM vehicle. Introducing the GM 24 Hour Test Drive

Making up your mind on a new vehicle purchase can be pretty difficult.Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to think about it? Well, now you do. Spend an entire day and night with one of our vehicles. Use it as you would your own vehicle and then sleep on it. When you wake up and see it sitting there, you’ll know that it’s the right choice for you.

You could easily adapt this to your mortgage business as well. Imagine telling your clients that you provide a "24-Hour Mortgage Test Drive" where they can take their paperwork home and review it for 24 hours and then make their decision. Now, you might be saying to yourself—"what if my clients shop around during that time? What if they decide to cancel? Hey, they are going to do it anyway—with or without the 24-hour Mortgage Test Drive. But in reality, what will happen is that you gave them the "chance" to live with the paperwork (decision), and you will decrease your fall-out ratio. Why, because you gave them time to "sleep on it" and "make their decision in the morning" (as the song goes).

Now, you might be saying to yourself—"Karen, are you crazy?" "This is waaaaay out-there." In order to be "noticed", you have to be—and do something different. Looking outside the box (the mortgage box that is) and at other industries (related to the mortgage business or not) will help you develop your very own USP or tag line—or even marketing campaign.

OK, now on to the contest winners! These USP are copyrighted or trademarked—which means you will not be able to use them for your own USP. However, this is to give you an idea of how you might change the words or the concepts to fit your very own USP or tag line.

The top 5 picks win a FREE audio CD recorded by a SuperStar Originator based on one of their most popular sales and marketing LIVE presentations.

Top 5 USP Entrants:

  • Because it’s a Jungle Out There © Pat Hill, Tiger Mortgage, Inc.
  • Where Your Family Comes First © Sheryl Jensen, Family First Mortgage Corp.
  • We Do Your Homework © Lynn Hogan, Family Mortgage Group
  • The Home of Truth, Justice and a Mortgage You Can Brag About © Ruby Mason, Four Corners Mortgage
  • Moving at the Speed of Excellence © Guy Keith, American Pacific Mortgage

And the Honorable Mention—well—receives an honorable mention. They are as follows:

  • Closing Loans. Building Relationships. © Craig Ackerman, BLS Funding Corp.
  • Building Generations of Comfort © Michelle Howe, Prestige Mortgage
  • Your Home, Your Equity, Your Choice © Alex Beaujean, EQUITYLINQ
  • Simple as 1, 2, 3. Leave the Rest to Me! © Sherri Mulholland, National City Mortgage
  • From the Kitchen Table to the Closing Table. © Kim Delman, HomeKey Mortgage
  • Service, Go Where No Customer Has Gone Before. © Mike Marlowe, Security Mortgage
  • Is Your Lender Less Than Ideal? © Jennifer Vacchio, Ideal Mortgage Bankers Ltd.
  • NO is negotiable! © Andre Gonzaque, Ginger Mae Financial Services
  • Wholesale Home Loans. Heroic Savings. © Bill Norcross, Ranger Financial Corp.
  • Experience the Difference of Diversified Financial Mortgage © Regina Penman-Garcia, Diversified Financial Mortgage

We thank you for your entries and hope this gives you some ideas on how you can position yourself as "different" in the eyes of the consumer.

Karen Deis, Publisher

Copyright 2003

Written By: Karen Deis

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