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Current Automobile University Recommendation

Automobile University is all about learning while your driving. Here are some audio recordings that we recommend, follow the links to buy them.

You will never earn more money per hour - unless you learn to "negotiate". Whether you realize it or not - that's exactly what you do for a living. You negotiate with your underwriters, title reps, wholesale reps, closing agents and of course clients. You negotiate with your spouse and children.

Roger Dawson, one of the best business negotiation experts in the world, was one of our keynote speakers at the 5th Annual Turn On Your Million Dollar Brain mortgage workshops. Roger is the author of, "Secrets of Power Negotiating," which is one of the most complete books on negotiation that I have ever read. Logically organized, it carries the reader through the entire negotiation process. It covers the most common gambits and how to use them as well as how to defend against them.

The book is divided into seven sections. The first section is on negotiating gambits and principles. Negotiating gambits include the common reluctant buyer/reluctant seller, handling impasses, nibbling, positioning for easy acceptance as well as many, many others including unethical ones like the red herring. The second section is on how to resolve tough negotiating problems. The third section covers how to use pressure points in negotiation. Then comes negotiating with non-Americans followed by attitudes and beliefs of a power negotiator. Section six covers developing power over the other side and section seven covers the various drives that motivate people in a negotiation.

It's simply one of the best books on negotiation - period!

Visit to purchase an audio CD of Roger's book for only $13.49.

If you don't think you are achieving success in all areas of your life, these tapes can help you pinpoint your innermost desires by making a list of them and assigning a number value next to each. Zufelt says that there is a "Conquering Force" within each and every one of us.

Tom Ward, President of Majestic Mortgage, and an Advisory Board Member for, personally recommends this tape series. They made him flashback to the times in his life when he really, really wanted something and went about figuring out how to get it - even if it meant sacrificing something to get it!

The Power of Desire

By: Jack Zufelt

6 Audio Cassettes - $69.95

6 CD's - $79.95

These programs will serve as a "how to" manual to develop unlimited financial growth, a richer family life, more meaningful relations with family, friends and business partners and your spiritual well being.

You can listen to 3 short, 5-minute audio clips and purchase these tapes and CD's at

"The Strangest Secret"
by Earl Nightingale

Like the book Think & Grow Rich (another AutoU recommendation), Earl's book was first published in 1956 and the tape (or CD) was one of the first personal development training series that has become the basis for ALL the training programs available today.

Ken Pederson, Aarrow Mortgage who said, "Earl Nightingale was one of the world's leading motivators with his message being that you "become what you THINK you are", has recommended the audio. Other reviews from Amazon say:

  • "I viewed the video 2 years ago...and have never been able to get it out of my head. It has positively changed my life forever."
  • "...this expert with a heightened level of knowledge was almost like a gift from God."

"Earl Nightingale spent years researching what every wise man, woman, sage, teacher, philosopher and guru ever wrote or spoke regarding the conduct of life. The result? The one thread that ties together these oftentimes - divergent voices over many different times and places. The "secret" reveals the one thing upon which these people were in total agreement".

Purchase the single CD at for $18.95.

Purchase a set of 6 CD's for $79.95 or a set of 6 Audio Tapes for $69.95 at

Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill.

Description: Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to interview 504 of the most successful men in order to find, through their experiences, a success formula that would work for the average man. "Think and Grow Rich" is the summary of his 20-year project for Carnegie. The book was first published in 1937 and many of his observations still apply today.

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