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Articles In This Issue...

What’s your business story?

An elevator speech does not cut it any more. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is so yesterday. Everyone is rattling off features and benefits to anyone who will listen. Instead, consider creating success stories for each product or service that you provide as a mortgage lender. Read 5 ways to create your own business story.

- By Karen Deis
Do you know the Fair Lending Rules when It Comes to Divorced Borrowers?

Divorce, separation, fair lending and knowing how to handle it all can be very confusing, even for the most seasoned professional. In this article we help you understand the types of issues that are of concern to the CFPB when it comes to a couple of different types of discrimination that many lenders are not aware of.

- By Tammy Butler


Client Articles Done4U - Oct/Nov 2017

Subscribers will find three articles in this issue. Email one article every other week and then download the written newsletter version and send in the mail, too (just in case you don’t have email addresses or the email goes into your client’s spam folder).

Article titles in this issue are:

  • What to Do About the Equifax Security Breach
  • Easy ways to keep your home “ready to show” when listing your home for sale
  • Nine Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Household Items
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