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Articles In This Issue...

Story Selling - 5 Steps to Creating Awesome Business Stories

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

An elevator speech does not cut it any more. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is so yesterday. Everyone is rattling off features and benefits to anyone who will listen.

Instead, consider creating success stories for each product or service that you provide as a mortgage lender.

Why? People love listening to stories. Stories have been around since the cavemen chiseled out a series of pictures on cave walls. The Bible and the Koran are a series of stories. How about the stories you listened to as a child sitting on your parentís lap?

According to author Annette Simmons, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins, the definition of a story is a re-imagined experience narrated with enough detail and feeling to cause your listenersí imaginations to experience it as real.

5 Types of Stories

Who I Am Story: What qualities earn you the right to influence someone?

Why I Am Here Story: What are your values?

Teaching Story: What experience can you share to help clients make a decision?

Vision Story: How will the future look if they choose you as their lender?

I Know What You Are Thinking Story: How will you create trust by validating a clientís objections?

Whether you realize it or not, you are already telling stories about yourself, why you got into the mortgage business, how you have helped others, etc. But are they effective in convincing people to do business with you?

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Do you know the Fair Lending Rules when It Comes to Divorced Borrowers?

Divorce, separation, fair lending and knowing how to handle it all can be very confusing, even for the most seasoned professional. In this article we help you understand the types of issues that are of concern to the CFPB when it comes to a couple of different types of discrimination that many lenders are not aware of.

- By Tammy Butler


Done-4-You Client Articles Ė October/November 2017

Here are three articles to send to past clients, family, friends and even prospects you are working with right now. Email, use as a blog or print and send snail mail. Try for an easy way to email hundreds of articles like this on a regular basis.

- By Karen Deis

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