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Articles In This Issue...

How I Got Business from Builders: My Story

Karen Deis

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

When I was in the mortgage biz, at first, I considered myself to be all things to all people. 

VA loans, I can do them. FHA loans, no sweat. Fannie and Freddie, piece of cake. I knew all the UW rules. 

However, it was like a fart in a whirlwind—making myself crazy trying to keep up with all the mortgage rules, the processing and closing, and not to mention the marketing of every loan known to womankind. 

Then, I sat down one day and took stock of my expertise and my background. I don’t mean in the mortgage business….BUT life experiences…and how could I turn that into a personal brand. 

What I discovered was…

My grandfather built homes. My father built custom kitchen cabinets—(yep, I have woodworking experience and have built furniture). A couple of my brothers were in construction. I once built a home with – who I consider – my “starter husband”. 

About 10 years into my mortgage career I had transformed myself into the Queen of New Construction Lending. When I thought about my life experiences, my background, and asked myself what truly brought me joy, it was the new construction mortgage business. 

I closed 30 to 40 loans per month and over time, co-owned a mortgage company with a large tract builder. 

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- By Karen Deis

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Tammy Butler
Why You Should Care About Compliance Training

Compliance is like a web that sits over and through all aspects of your company. Each position is touched by it, but not all positions need to understand it the same way. Regulators are not asking lenders to check a box on a checklist. Instead, they are asking lenders to provide an environment where the culture of compliance starts at the top and infiltrates through the ecosystem of the company. Read what regulators expect!

- By Tammy Butler
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