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What Are “Pop-Bys” and Why Do They Work to Generate Leads - An Interview with Jamie Goulas

An Interview with: Karen Deis, Publisher and Jamie Goulas, Loan Originator with Chelsea Groton Bank in Connecticut

I recently read a series of Facebook posts where loan officers talked about how they generate leads using the Pop-By strategy.

One of the commenters, Jamie Goulas, Chelsea Groton Bank, mentioned that she delivers pop-bys to not only real estate agents that she wants to do business with, but also clients and affinity partners, which is an unusual twist to the strategy.

She agreed to allow me to interview her.

Listed below are the questions and her answers:

Karen: What is a Pop-By?

Jamie: It’s an inexpensive marketing piece given to clients, real estate agents and affinity partners, where you meet with them face-to-face. They are intended to deepen your relationship and provide an opportunity to connect. Most people add a catchy “tagline” with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately to promote their business.

Karen: Why did you choose this idea over all the other marketing ideas out there?

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