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Articles In This Issue...

Questions To Ask Yourself When Reflecting Back on Meetings with Realtor/Clients

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

I couldn’t believe it when I heard this…

    …only one in seven sales pros assess themselves after meeting with either clients or real estate agents.

In fact, almost 85% of sales people don’t do it. And it’s the difference between being a mediocre loan officer versus a top sales person.

I distinctly remember a meeting that I had with a large corporation, pitching my Employee Benefits Mortgage Program, and the President of the company told me that he had a brother who was a loan officer. What did I do? I said thank you and walked away, thinking that blood is thicker than water.

Then I went back to my office. I thought about the conversation. I could have hit myself on the side of my head when I realized that I had blown it—because there was a great question I COULD HAVE ASKED HIM.

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Four Ways to Use Fannie/Freddie Monthly Budget Worksheet.

I am sure that many of you have used Fannie or Freddie’s Monthly Budget Worksheet. Some underwriters have requested it, especially if a borrower is “close” on the qualifying numbers. Read how you can use it with your marketing strategies, too.

- By Karen Deis

Client Articles Done4You – March/April 2018

3 New Articles:

  • What are the Top Kitchen Trends for 2018?
  • Telltale Signs That It’s a Scam
  • Tweak Your Withholding Taxes: Filing a New W-4 Form with your Employer

If getting responses and engagement from clients is important to you, visit They brand the emails with your name in the subject title and post on social media sites for you too.

- By Karen Deis

Client Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2018

Client Newsletter - Oct/Nov 2017

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