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Articles In This Issue...

Have Your Pre-Approved Buyers Switched to Another Lender After Making an Offer?

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

So, you have pre-approved a buyer.

They go out over the weekend and find a home of their dreams.

They decide to shop around for rates, closing costs. If the lender is able to meet the closing date.

They switch to another lender.

Has this happened to you?

Well, one loan officer decided to create an email and a document (that the buyer signs) to counter the problem of the pre-approved buyers switching lenders.

She also uses it as “script” when following up during the home search process.

And, she graciously allowed me to share this with you.

Here’s how it reads:

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National Association of Realtors Home Buyers and Home Sellers Report 2017

When you read this report, you will learn how buyers choose real estate agents. How they begin the process. Characteristics of home buyers and sellers. And mortgage financing trends. Share this with your real estate agents.

- By Karen Deis

Realtor Done4U Articles – April/May

Subscribers will find 3 new articles in this Realtor® newsletter. 1) Are You Telling a Story When You List a Home for Sale? 2) Are Your Homebuyers Being Videotaped? 3) Have you Read the NAR Survey of Homebuyers/Sellers?

- By Karen Deis
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