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Articles In This Issue...

9 Different Ways to Market One Piece of Content

I don’t have to tell you that there are many different ways to market yourself.

Social media. (Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram.) Internet. Websites. Blogs. Email marketing. Snail mail. Post cards. I could go on and on.

Have you ever thought of using ALL of those platforms to market one piece of content? Why would you do that? Because each one of those platforms has different people who follow you.

Let’s say that you have chosen a Done4U Client Article entitled “Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Second Home.” 

Here are 9 ways to use the same piece of content to market to different audiences. 

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Not Getting Followers to Comment on Your Social Media Posts?

Not Getting Followers to Comment on Your Social Media Posts? Read this article by Tammy Butler with the do’s and don’ts.

- By Tammy Butler


Keller Mortgage vs. the Rest of the World

Real estate companies or builders owning their own mortgage companies is not new. So what’s the difference between them and Keller Mortgage? Read my comments and how to change your marketing now!

- By Karen Deis
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