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Articles In This Issue...

Six Things to Consider Before You Attend Your Next Networking Event
If you are going to spend time attending networking events to meet new real estate agents or referral partners, you may as well make the most of it. Read these six tips to maximize your time and make quality connections. - By Karen Deis

Client Done4U Articles - June/July 2018

Subscribers will find three articles in this issue. Email one article every other week and then download the written newsletter version and send in the mail, too (just in case you don’t have email addresses or the email goes into your client’s spam folder).

Article titles in this issue are:

  • You Credit Score Is Not a Secret!
  • 17 Questions to Ask When Shopping for A Real Estate Agent
  • Small Steps Can Amount to Big Savings Later
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  VA Updates Credit Underwriting Guidelines – June 2018 attended the VA Lender Conference this year and updates subscribers on 5 critical, important VA guideline rules. If you do VA loans, this will help you close more of them.

- By Tracey Rumsey
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