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Articles In This Issue...

Six Things to Consider Before You Attend Your Next Networking Event

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

Your time is precious.

Your time is limited.

If you are going to spend time attending networking events to meet new real estate agents or referral partners, you may as well make the most of it.

Here are six tips to maximize your time and make quality connections.

  1. What are your goals for the event? Take the time to think through WHY you want to attend. Is it an interesting topic that you want to learn about? More importantly, what’s the goal, the end result, of what you hope to accomplish. Without a clear objective, you will not be able to measure your results.

  2. Who do you want to meet? The speaker? Other people who do the same thing that you do…originate loans? Or people who are in the position to refer business to you? (Sure, potentially everyone could refer business to you, but WHO is the person/s more likely to refer you over and over again?). If you know some of the people who will be attending, do your research. Google them. Check LinkedIn pages. See if they have a personal website or business page. It will be easier to start a conversation with them.

  3. How to prepare in advance of your networking event.
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- By Karen Deis

  VA Updates Credit Underwriting Guidelines – June 2018 attended the VA Lender Conference this year and updates subscribers on 5 critical, important VA guideline rules. If you do VA loans, this will help you close more of them.

- By Tracey Rumsey
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