I send out a letter to my data base of agents and those I’ve worked with. I include a section called “Did you know?” and in this section, I include an article you have published in www.LoanOfficerMagazine.com. For instance, my last one was “Things not to say in an MLS listing description.”

Subscribing to your e-zine is real “plus” to my marketing efforts to my agents and provides them with invaluable information when working with their clients to garner more business and gives the “added value” as well.
Robin Shoop, Virginia Beach, VA

I have really found your articles through Loan Officer Magazine very useful and relevant. They give me great ideas for blogs and allow me to increase my value in my marketing efforts. I look forward to continued resources on your site.
Patrick Lewis, Premier Nationwide Lending, Orlando, FL.

ProAssistMarketing.com helped me by sending out an email to all my Realtors on "What do you tell clients to do after closing" and several of my Realtors responded with a thanks and some suggested additions to the list. This means that I now have their attention!!! In addition, in an email that went out to clients about appraisals, I received a referral to a new prospect that is buying a home in the area. I love this turnkey solution to marketing!
Pat Cray, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

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Loan Officer Magazine 300th Issue - You have really given the industry a gift with all your great content and fresh ideas.
Craig Strent, Apex Home Loans

Thank you for your hard work...I read every issue and you have been a huge help in my career. Keep it up!
Wade Betz, Guardian Mortgage Co., Inc.

Thank you Karen! The info that I get off of Loan Officer Magazine and MortgageCurrentcy.com has gotten me at least 1 to 2 deals extra a month. Just wanted to say thank you and keep it coming!!
Alex Taberne, Allied Home Mortgage

Yours is the only service I subscribe like this because I have immense respect for your experience and valuable information. Thanks!
Sheryl Laskie, Guild Mortgage

This may have been the most helpful article (5 Checklists to Smoother Closings) and tools I have ever see in in the magazine. I downloaded all of them and plan to use each and every one in my business. Thanks!
Craig Strent, Apex Home Loans

Just renewed my Loan Officer Magazine. Opened up new issue and found the 10 Commandement When Applying for a Loan. Excellent! I have shared it with hundreds of realtors and they agree it is the cats meow. Thanks.
Phil Goldberg, Prospect Mortgage

Thanks for a great column both with LoanOfficerMagazine.com and MortgageCurrentcy.com. I swear by both!
Gary Bracht, Envoy Mortgage

I have an article on my wall from March 2008. It talked about giving a 2nd opinion. HR Block does it and so should you. I refer to it all the time almost weekly. You are a Superstar.
Charles Masse, Loan Originator, Mortgage Force, LLC

I have been subscribing to you for quite a while. Both LO Mag and MtgCurrentcy. I enjoy them very much and they have increased my business by 10%. Love it!
Eli Dror, Loan Originator, LSI Mortgage

I read your stuff every month. Your articles are clear and to the point and very helpful. Thanks so much for what you do.
Steve Haney, President, Provident Lending Corporation

This one article is worth more than my entire subscription cost.
Greg Cook, Branch Manager, Temecula, CA

Hi Karen, You wrote a fine article exposing the shady business practices of MBG. I encourage you to submit this article to the mortgage press, wall street journal, usa today and the new york times. I think it is timely, noteworthy, and I see you did your homework. I think it’s one of the best industry articles I’ve ever read. I appreciate your industry leadership and commitment to lift the reputation of LOs to higher levels. Go FHA!
Jeff Misfud, Founder, Mortgage Seminars

The information in the article is great and I think the realtors and buyers will appreciate it. Thanks again and keep up the good work with providing us with articles of great value!
Larry LoVetere, Financial Commitment Lending

By the way, love the magazine. I get more info to use than LTB or MMG.
Greg Cook, First Time Homebuyers Network

I sent out the recent newsletter and have received excellent comments. The content was very valuable and relevant. Thank you!
Debra Raho, Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp., Altamonte Springs, FL

...I just subscribed and the more I researched the past articles, the more I realized the value of this site. For mortgage professionals, there are hundreds of programs and subscriptions to choose from but your site is WITHOUT A DOUBT, in the top 3! I have incorporated LoanOfficeMagazine.com ideas into my yearly business plan and I am confident that I will be ahead of the competition by a mile.
Brenda Robles, East West Mortgage, McLean, VA

This subscription has made me an additional $10,000 in commission this year. The ideas and the articles you have supplied me have been FABULOUS. They are ideas we can take straight to the streets! I want to thank you because you are improving the lives of my family.
Curt Hall, American Home Mortgage, Loan Officer, Denver, CO

Thanks Karen, your magazine and web site has been such a help to me. I had been in this business for over eight years and still felt like I was in the 1st grade until I found you.
Ivy Morris, 1st Metropolitan Mortgage, NC

I subscribe to a fair number of mortgage publications and until today, had never subscribed to your ezine. During the first hour of my subscription, I received more useful information and tools than I've received from any other sources during the last year. They are "real world". I look forward to being a long term client of yours.
Ron Cotten, Sigma Home Loans, Manteca, CA.

I'm a 21 year vet in the mortgage business and have enjoyed the articles in the online magazine. I have used several ideas in my marketing this year...keep up the good work.
Joe Brown, Milestone Residential Mortgage, Austin, TX.

...have I mentioned that I LOVE your marketing ideas and have been implementing a lot of them...thanks for your help!
Susan Schneider, Mortgages Made Simple, Washington, DC

..I LOVE your stuff!!! and have watched all the DVD's from the Million Dollar Brain (free bonus) and LOVE them too.
Pati Sheriff, First Priority Financial, Fairfield, CA.

I've been a subscriber to LoanOfficerMagazine.com for several months now and embarrassed to say that I just mailed my first copy of your newsletter. The response was VERY, VERY good and people found the content useful and extremely professional looking. They even think I wrote it! Thanks you!
Lee Gilbert, The Mortgage Center, LLC, Ocean City, MD

I have read the ebook twice now and each time I am excited about all of the ideas. I have been making notes and I am going to narrow my choices down to two. Once I have implemented them I will shoot you another email and let you know how things went. Until then keep up the good work.
Chad Ward, Eagle Mortgage

I know of no better source for creative and easy to implement marketing tips than www.LoanOfficerMagazine.com. ....every time I read an issue, I find at least one thing I can do THAT MINUTE that will improve my marketing and sales strategies. It's a phenomenal time-saver for me...and my business would not be where it is today without the ideas from your publication. Thanks for the bottom of my heart and keep up the great work.
Danny Poulos, Elite Lending, Jupiter, Florida

I just love the articles and newsletters. In fact, I already sent out a newsletter over the weekend. Goodness, thank you so much for such great stuff!
Chery Garner, Fairview Mortgage Capital

I really like the loanofficermagazine.com. I am so happy I have it. You're awesome.
Heidi Bacon-Ritz, Thumb Butte Mortgage, Prescott, AZ

I just sent out your latest version to 120 people and I've already heard from 10 of them. They all remarked on the articles and loved the de-clutter one. Kudos to the author!
Pat Kuehne, NYMC, Newton, MA

My broker read the , "Marketing to Divorce Attorneys System" article and it has been working great. Keep me updated on any additional tools we can use. By the way still using the FREE REPORT and it has been producing, Thanks for the help,
Simon Hartzell, AFG Financial Group, Media, PA

Karen - I wanted to thank you for printing The Real Deal newsletter. Gary and I printed and mailed 70 newsletters to our existing Realtor database. We had 2 agents who have not sent us business in the last year call right after receiving this newsletter. They called and gave us two referrals. I am attributing their phone calls to this newsletter. Thanks for all of your great suggestions, marketing advice and guest columnists. Gary and I appreciate it! Thank you,
Demetra "Jamie" Lau, Marketing Assistant, WestAmerica Mortage Company

I loved your latest issue...I want to be a one-stop shop some day and appreciate all of your advice.
Susan Schneider, Mortgage Made Simple, Washington, DC.

WOW. I then went quickly to your magazine and realized something that you probably already know. Dollar for Dollar you beat the pants off the glitzy LoanToolBox, Habib, McMahon stuff. Your information is appropriate and pertinent to the vast majority of the marketplace. You deliver it without fanfare. Good hard bankable knowledge on how to survive and thrive.
~ Mike Moffitt, Top Producer, US Bank Home Mortgage

If you haven't used Karen's client newsletter that she posted about 2-3 weeks ago, I would highly encourage getting it printed and mailing it out.

I work with my husband and we mailed it out over a week ago to our client database and Realtors. The front page article - Top 5 Questions People Ask Me About Housing And The Economy was written in a positive and objective matter.

As of today we have had 10 pre-quals in less than a week - 4 referrals from previous customers and 6 from Realtors.

So, thanks, Karen, as always for providing a positive and informative tool for our clients. ~ Jamie Lau

Karen was one of the first people in the mortgage industry to truly understand the value of training and I feel is responsible for many of the changes that have transformed how loan originators operate today. Her Million Dollar Brain seminars, her phone interviews, and her e-newsletter have all had an impact. Karen was and is a visionary for this industry. ~ Wayne Thompson

First, let me say, I'm a BIG fan of your work! I can honestly say that if I hadn't used some of your consumer direct marketing ideas, I would have not only been out of the business a few years ago, but I would have been bankrupt. Thank you so much! ~ Brett Pehrson, Salt Lake City, UT

If I may be honest, I was a LoanToolbox member for a very long time and after previewing your marketing ideas etc. I’ve seen more value in what you offer. ~ Greg Clausen, American Mortgage Centers

Hi Karen - AgStar has been a subscriber to loanofficermagazine.com for quite some time now and we sincerely enjoy the website and articles. We send out an e-newsletter to our realtors and brokers (about 50 total) monthly. ~ Londa Krueger, AgStar Financial Services, Minnesota

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