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Automate Your Marketing to First-time Homebuyers

Chip Cummings, CMC is President of Northwind Financial Corp., originator and a national speaker, trainer and consultant to the mortgage industry. He sold his mortgage company in 2000, but still originates both residential and small commercial mortgages. He can be reached at (866) 977-7900, or via e-mail at (For a complete copy of these auto-responder messages and my 7 specialized customer reports, click here to purchase for only $49.)

When the refinance market starts to disappear, itís important to start working on extended marketing strategies that target specific demographics. First-time homebuyers present one of the most profitable, yet under-marketed opportunities for loan officers. Combined with one of my favorite magical technology tools, the auto-responder, I can provide first-class personal service and valuable information automatically Ė and cultivate streams of new and continuous customers.

Exactly What Is It?

You have probably been subject to an autoresponder already! E-mail autoresponders are set up to instantly and automatically respond to an e-mail inquiry or message. If you have ever ordered anything on-line and gotten an instant confirmation or "thank you" e-mail back, then you know what Iím referring to. The catch is, few people have realized how this technology can be twisted and used to effectively market to new homebuyers!

Getting People to Your Website!

Through the use of conventional marketing methods, including advertising, postcards, flyers, first-time buyer meetings, etc., I encourage prospects to e-mail me or visit my website for a free report specifically designed for first-time homebuyers. This report contains valuable information regarding credit, income, cash requirements, program options and the home-buying process. Through the use of auto-responders, the report is delivered to them electronically within seconds.

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