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The 10-10-10 Loan File Business Plan PLUS 10%TM

What's So Great About the 10-10-10 Loan File Business Plan Plus 10%?

Written By: Karen Deis

I was talking to a successful loan originator the other day who had been working on her business plan for the last month and a half. She was frustrated because she thinks she might have it finally completed by the end of this month!

Wow, Iíve seen complicated business plans Ė have even done them myself Ė and can honestly say that IT DOESNíT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED AT ALL. In fact, hereís an easy alternative to use BEFORE you work on your 2009 plan.

Itís called The 10-10-10 Loan File Business Plan PLUS 10%TM and hereís how it works:

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