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Realtor® Done4U Article: How to List Tenant-Occupied Rental Homes for Sale!

An all-new Realtor® Done-4-U article! Ways to use the content: Use in email marketing – even if your company has its own CRM, you can copy and paste within the body of the email. Post an article on your social media pages (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blog). Use as a video script. New Done4U Realtor® Article:  How to List Tenant-Occupied Rental Homes for Sale!   I recently read an article published in the NAR magazine regarding some of the issues that arise when listing a home that is

Realtor® Done4U Article: Do You Take the Time to Survey Your Clients After Closing?

An all-new Realtor® Done-4-U article! Ways to use the content: Use in email marketing – even if your company has its own CRM, you can copy and paste within the body of the email. Post an article on your social media pages (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blog). Use as a video script. I don’t know about you, but I really want to know what my mortgage clients think about their mortgage experience and if there was anything that they thought we could have done better.  I wanted to share a copy of my

Realtor® Done4U Article: Should Real Estate Sellers Get Involved in the Marketing of Their Home?

Stories.  They are one of the first things we learned as children. And each piece of real estate has a story to tell.  Telling a story about the seller’s home is a unique way to connect with potential buyers.  And the best person to tell that story is the seller (or seller’s family).  Progressive real estate agents are using the power of video to capture first-person stories from the sellers.  If they are reluctant to do a video, a written story could be an alternative. But, here’s the thing – the story must be

Done4U Realtor® Article: Texting Shortcuts for Real Estate Agents

So, there are a lot of texting shortcuts when texting or posting on social media, but did you know that there are specific interpretations for real estate agents?  Here are just a few of them:  LLL – Location, Location, Location NTBS – Needs to be staged MAO – Let’s make an offer WTF – What a terrible floor plan WYD – Where’s the disclosure? BTF – Buying the furniture CC – Credit challenged NP – Not pre-approved Social Media Engagement Post: What would you add to this list?  Copyright ®

Done4You Realtor® Article: It’s the Little Things – Key-Shaped USB Drive

In most real estate transactions, there is a ton of paperwork—everybody gets copies of everything—enough to kill at least one tree.  Here’s an idea where you not only save a tree, but reduce the amount of documents that you have to store in a file cabinet/file folder.  It’s a customized key-shaped USB drive that you give to clients, containing all the necessary transaction documents. If it’s a listing, the flash drive could contain your bio.  Your photo.  Real estate data.  A copy of the signed listing agreement and all

Done4You Realtor® Article: Do You Have Clients Who are Wasting Your Time?

Have you ever had clients who you thought were stalling?  Not responding?  Wasting your time?  While it’s hard to know upfront if a client is motivated, there are some red flag behaviors that might help you determine if you should continue working with them.  Delaying the mortgage pre-approval or final approval process.  You may be working with anxious clients—wanting you to show them homes BEFORE they have talked to a loan officer or taking the next steps to be pre-approved.  They may say that everything

Done4You Realtor® Article: 10 Commandments for Sellers When Listing a Home for Sale

I recently found these 10 Commandment for Sellers written by Mimi Foster, EPIC Real Estate Group, that she gives to sellers when she lists a home for sale.  They pertain to the rules to follow when a seller’s house is being shown.  So, what would you add to this list? RULES TO FOLLOW WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS BEING SHOWN THOU SHALL NOT TURN DOWN A SHOWING. You only get one chance for prospective buyers to see your home. THOU SHALL NOT LET ANYONE IN WHO KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR. People see a real estate sign and want to see…

Done4You Realtor® Article: Six Ways to Use Closing Photos to Generate Leads

Are you taking photos of your buyers at closing? Are you and your loan officer part of the picture? What are you doing with the photos after the deal has closed? I wanted to share with you six ways to use the closing photos to help you generate additional business. Social Media – This is usually one of the first things that you would probably do after taking a photo of your clients. However, when you post the photos on FB, tell a short story about the homebuyers.  Tag who referred them to you.  Ask them to hold…

Done4You Realtor Article: The Dale Carnegie Method of Winning the Listing

I recently read an article written by a top listing agent about what she does differently than other agents when competing for a listing.  She calls it the “Dale Carnegie Method,” and I wanted to share it with you.  1. Before the appointment she checks the public records to determine the names listed on the title. She starts out by confirming the names and then asks them what they would like to be called. She writes down their answer. 2. She checks to see when they bought the home. I see that you bought…

Done4You Realtor Article: The 6P’s of Planning an Open House

I recently read an article written by a top real estate agent about his step-by-step method of holding successful open houses (meaning that a lot of people show up). It all begins with selecting which listing will get the most traffic based on the following criteria: Define your “farm area” and hold a majority of your open houses in that area. Work with a motivated seller who is willing to stage the home to make it more appealing. Select a Property with a good traffic pattern or easy in-and-out access to the…