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The Right Way to Ask…

What you will learn: How to ask for permission How to effectively start a conversation How to get accurate answers to your questions

Realtor® Articles/Newsletter – April/May

Here is a list of great content to email, post on social media or snail mail. Please check out where they can do this all for you—including branding the subject title with your name and posting it on your social media pages. Are You Telling a Story When You List a Home for Sale? Are Your Homebuyers Being Videotaped? Have you Read the NAR Survey of Homebuyers/Sellers? Take a look at the “Working with a Realtor” stats compiled in the NAR Survey. Only 12% of the previous homebuyers used the…

Client Done4U Articles – June/July 2018

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find info to share about credit scoring. 17 Questions when shopping for a real estate agent and 5 tips to save money now. And the content is yours to swipe and distribute as if you wrote it yourself.